Get the Composite Advantage

If you were able to combine the advantages of steel, aluminum, PVC, plastic and wood into a single product, the resulting combination may very well be a custom-composite product from Shakespeare. Strong but lightweight, stiff or flexible, non-corrosive, non-conductive, thermally insulating, without rot and with a natural finish ... all combined into a precision-engineered composite solution.

Whether your project requires a product which ranges from strong and supportive or flexible and bendable, Shakespeare Custom Composites can develop a composite part which meets your needs.

Smart alternative to other materials

A fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) / composite component won't rust and will often outlast metal components under the same climatic conditions.

For applications where sun exposure is an issue, Shakespeare can integrate UV-inhibitors into the custom resin formulation and then coat the material with a pigmented, proprietary, high-performance polyurethane containing additional UV inhibitors to help prevent color fading over time - for lasting good looks.

Built for tough environments

Shakespeare non-corroding composites will not deteriorate in salt-air climates, acid rain, or acid soil. Regardless of humidity, they will not rust, ever, and they easily withstand harsh, industrial environments.

Shakespeare Custom Composites' products can be formulated for exceptional performance in both hot and cold ambient areas - alternatively the can also perform extremely well in areas that experience rapid changes in ambient temperatures.

Safe, low-conductivity levels

Fiberglass composite materials are poor conductors of electricity. For our OEM customers, that means the components we supply can substantially reduce the hazards of electric shock and associated liability.

Lightweight, easy to install, saves money

Whether pultruded, extruded, or filament-wound, our feather-light composite components can save time, manpower, equipment, and money during installation. The majority of our OEM custom products can be comfortably hand carried; their lightweight design can enable quicker installation and assembly, which may lower your production costs.

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