Filament Winding Production

Filament-wound products are available from Shakespeare Custom Composites. Our team employs a specially engineered filament-winding process, utilizing manufacturing equipment developed, built and engineered in house. Strands of fiberglass are impregnated with pigmented resin and spirally wound onto a rotating, heated mandrel.

The winding is precision applied under continuous, uniform tension, and computer controlled for precision and repeatability - a Shakespeare innovation.

The result is a super-strong, one-piece, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) / composite product with a uniform surface. We can formulate UV-inhibitors into the resin itself, part of our thorough, systematic approach to UV protection.

Composite filament-wound products may be utilized as piping or tubing over land or underground. Unlike metal, composites will not rust and the material is highly rot resistant. Contact Shakespeare to learn more about filament-wound FRP composite solutions.