Centrifigally Cast Products

The technical team at Shakespeare Custom Composites can design and manufacture OEM parts and products which are centrifugally cast. This unique process provides an even concentration of durable, composite material throughout a round, circular object, such as a pole or tube.

From a structural design perspective, centrifugal casting may offer advantages for some products in that the orientation of the fiberglass filament is both longitudinal to the axis of the structure and circumferential to the axis of the pole.

  • Durability - Strong, lightweight and non-corrosive.
  • Safety - Less electrically conductive than steel, aluminum or most other materials.
  • Convenience - A hollow core can accommodate wiring and cabling for electrical, telecom, and fiber access.
  • Great selection - Available in a wide variety of colors and finishes.


Shakespeare Custom Composites are engineered to meet your exacting needs. A centrifugally cast part may be precisely what is needed for your application.

Contact Shakespeare to tell us what you need for your next project.