Pultrusion is a continuous process for manufacturing composite materials with a constant cross-section. Shakespeare integrates a continuous roll of reinforced fiberglass strands with a woven fiber mat. These components are saturated in a proprietary resin formulation and then processed through a heated die. The materials are pulled through the die, (hence the term, pultrusion), and the output is a rigid, fiberglass-reinforced composite structure.

1. High-quality fiberglass-filament rovings are staged in the production facility.

3. A high-strength woven-fiberglass mat adds multi-directional reinforcement and resilience when integrated with the fiberglass filaments.


5. The materials are heated during the pultrusion process and a rigid, cured profile is formed which corresponds to the engineered die shape. Our custom products are uniquely crafted to meet the specified requirements of individual OEM customers.

2. Individual fiberglass filaments are sorted, routed through a guide plate.

4. Components are integrated and saturated in a liquid resin mixture, prior to being pulled through a heated, steel forming die using a continuing pulling device (pultrusion).