Low-Flame and Low-Smoke Applications

Shakespeare strives to create unique composite solutions to any type of OEM customer need. A good example of this is demonstrated by our development of a structural composite component that when exposed to fire, provides exceptionally low levels of combustibility and smoke generation.

In this real-world example, a major manufacturer of air-handling equipment was looking for a cost-competitive product to use within their outdoor structure which would be strong and supportive while meeting their strict requirements for flame and smoke spread. Shakespeare developed a solution by creating a unique complex composite part which will meet the customer’s structural requirements without any concerns about corrosion or rot in the outdoor environment.

This structural part also provides virtually no thermal conductivity and has an E84 flame & smoke spread of less than 25 & 50 respectively. As a result, the customer has a solution which exceeds all of their product needs. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and we will strive to provide you with the same type of results as in this example.


Low-smoke, low-flame applications for which Shakespeare components may be utilized include air-handling equipment and industrial processing machinery, as well as within products used in confined indoor or underground environments, such as tunnels, storage facilities, and parking garages.

Need a low-flame/low-smoke part? Contact Shakespeare today and tell us what you need.